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Spam spam spam

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

For a particular company, I spit through the spam box to manually select IP numbers for IP blocking (thereby relieving the scanning engine). I do it manually to minimise false positives, so I also employ reverse DNS lookup for that. Currently it totals 5616 IP numbers, and here’s a small break down of it:

364 .in
251 .id
188 .br
163 .ru
125 .vn
52 .ar
41 .it
36 .ua
19 .es
18 .nl
17 .il
12 .fr
10 .pt

Fun fact: 259 numbers resolve to localhost, meaning there are some clever bastards with high level DNS access at work.

So here’s the quote for today: “Hey Indians, Indonesians, Brazilians, Russians, Vietnamese, Argentinians and Italians, there are free antivirus programs available, y’know”