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Review: Live!

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

A strange breed of trying to merge real life documentary with reality show, but with the obvious fantasy elements it just can’t fuse together. Also on the drama side, they’re trying the same trick (drama inside the drama), and again it doesn’t work. The narrative isn’t something new either, so that leaves just the story. But using only plain logic, the plot is easy to figure out, and the tension doesn’t hold, even though you could call the subject controversial (or maybe just inside this movie ?).
If you go to watch Eva Mendes, she’s a bit over the top, and not really fun to watch. It’s actually the whole movie doing that, and might be funny to watch if it was a comedy, but for a drama, it just doesn’t do the trick.6½.

Review: Rogue Assassin

Saturday, November 3rd, 2007

Also known as the US title War, it pitches Jet Li against Jason Statham, in a pretty ordinary action flick. If you expect nothing from it (as in martial arts extravaganza a la Jet Li), it’s pretty okay. That’s mainly because the martial arts section wasn’t in an overly innovative mood for this movie. And even then, video clip director Philip G. Atwell would have ruined those anyway with faster cut sequences I’ve ever seen. I’m actually thinking he cut away 75% of those scenes, literally flashing our eyes with epilepsy inducing cuts, thereby effectively reducing eye candy to nigh zero.
We can skip the acting part, nothing to say there. That leaves the story, being pretty basic, but having still a twist at the end I found enjoyable.6½.