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US Box Office

Monday, January 8th, 2007

Comedy Night at the Museum sticks at the number one spot one more week ,with a $24 million run, passing $164 million cume. At two, The Pursuit of Happyness is still doing good business, this week with $13 million and a $124 million cume.
At three, in its first week of wide release, people wanted too see the critically acclaimed (but highly borish) Children of Men, rising to $10.3 million.
At four, the Hilary Swank drama Freedom Writers can chalk down a $9.7 million opening, while Dream Girls rounds out the top 5 (also Oscar buzz, hence the highest average per screen this week) with $8.8 million.

Avian Voodo: Part II

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

Besides that this post’s title rhymes, I guess the avian voodoo is a really strong one. As you know, I already made an appointment to get the crack repaired, but guess what, during the actual repair, it cracked even more (that’s always a risk, by the way). Now I have to get the whole windshield replaced at a later date. I guess I shouldn’t upset the Avian Deities any more, so I guess I won’t be playing that shooting game in Wii Play anymore (those birds were worth a whopping 10 points !).
bigger crack in windshield

Avian Voodoo

Friday, January 5th, 2007

As you can deduct from my previous post, combined with this follow-up, the pigeons (or mews, I didn’t get a clear look) are a wrathful flock of creatures. Only a day after the uneventful run-in with the avian low flyer, I get a crack in my windows. Can’t be coincidence. My advice, don’t blog about it if something similar happens to you. Just keep it to yourself.
Off to the nice Carglass people then (speedy online booker for a quick appointment !)
crack in window

Review: The Illusionist

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Usually, with pet projects (in this case Bob Yari, almost entirely funding it through his Bob Yari Productions and Yari Film Releasing Group banners), it can be really good, or just good in the eyes of the person petting it around. In this case, it’s somewhere inbetween that, being pretty good, but not award-wowing. Still, with the Painted Veil released and critically acclaimed, it looks Like mr. Yari is the Bruckheimer on the independent side of film making.
This movie is all about subtlety, in story, characters and colors onscreen. And all the while, there’s always a shroud of mystery present, which makes the somewhat slower pace all the better to endure. If you want to be drowned in doubt, be it scientifically or spiritually, this is the movie to see. Despite the small scale setup of this low budget movie (and only a handful of characters to know), you’ll certainly get to experience the full suspense.8-.

Review: Saw III

Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007

It rarely happens a series continues to be good, especially in the horror genre. But Saw had something small and cruel on a personal drama level, and it continued pretty well in Saw II, expanding the mystery. Saw III, however, is the most gruesome of the series, but doesn’t get stuck repeating the same tricks. Well, maybe it does, but at least the story around it blows up in your face, now with flashbacks to keep your mind busy, trying to remember the previous chapters.
With the trilogy complete, the probably upcoming 3-DVD set is a must-have for every horror fan (create some shelf space by removing those sucky Friday the 13th and Hallowoon sequels). Or is it really over ? 8-.

A great beginning for 2007

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2007

First, I’m sorry for the poor tomato plant. I had to throw away that darn tomato plant that just because it was so picky, 1 drop of water (waaaaah, too little), 2 drops of water (waaaaah, too much), nothing was good enough for that thing, not even a handful of artificial fertiliser helped. I mean, it can’t be my fault. C’mon, why is the bonzai growing so pretty then ?
Second, I’m sorry for the poor bird. It flew right into my wind shield this morning (at appr. 50 km/h). Don’t even know if it continued to fly, or that it dropped to the ground. Then again, who cares, anyone can see that warning sticker on my car, which clearly states, “All avian creatures, stay away at least 5 meters away from my car, and keep your droppings to yourself”.
no birds
I now even have to clean off that greasy silhouette stain of my window. And what if it broke or scratched my window ?

US Box Office

Monday, January 1st, 2007

Good business at the box office, as most movies held retention considerably during the holiday weekend, topped off by last week’s number one, Night at the Museum, with $37.8 million, rushing the total past the $100 million mark in its second week ($116.8 million).
Sticking at number 2 is The Pursuit of Happyness, with $19.3 million, which will also cross the $100 million line in a day or so.
Third place is for Dreamgirls, with Oscar buzzing in its ear, almost doubling its take in its first week of wide release. With $15.5 million this week, the musical adaptation totals $34.8 million.
Rounding out the top 5 is Charlotte’s Web, also rising with $12 million, and Rocky Balbao’s second round with $11.4 million.