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Spidey slings along a bit longer

Thursday, March 4th, 2004

Spiderman 3 is a fact (I can hear you saying, “I haven’t seen Spidey 2 yet”). But not only Marvel and Sony have faith in themselves, also a whole bunch of financial analysts say the next two movies will be highly profitable.
Interesting fact though, Marvel and Sony still haven’t resolved the ongoing lawsuits between them (mostly about money going into the wrong pocket).
So, will you go see Spidey 2 ? And will you go see Spidey 3 ? (Just helping the financial analysts a bit with more data)

Review: Five for Fighting – The Battle for Everything

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004

With only one super hit two years ago (Superman, in 2002. And it wasn’t even a hit here, just in the States), we haven’t really gotten a chance to know them that well. Well, here was the chance, as it recently entered the charts in the lower regions. As it turns out, it kinda deserves that place. The usually soft rocky songs on this album, are just too weird to put it in words. In more than half of the songs, I was thinking aloud “What THE HELL is this ?”. With just a twinge of jazziness attached to most of the songs, my mind is made up more easily. This album can be found filed away under the catagory “DELETED”.3+.


Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004

Just like the .dot com bubble burst, so is the blogger scene fading. Or so this CNN article says. Guess my kind (blog entries every day-ish) is dying out (as the survey says, it’s 2%, and then %10, which leaves only 0.02%).
But trust me on this one. Search engines would better use the rss feed when available (or some other kind of blog specific routine), it’s still the blogs out there that interrupt the usefulness of their engine.

US Box Office

Monday, March 1st, 2004

It’s all controversy at the box office top this week. From an independent movie, a self financed Mel Gibson pic (he pulled some $25 million out from his own pocket), to a much critised screener, to a smashing box office. The Passion of Christ, supposedly to start off as a small limited release, pre-sales and feedback indicated more and more copies were necessary to be shipped. It grew to a massive 3000+ release, equal that of a Matrix or Spiderman release. Have faith, someone must have told Mel. An angel was sent to the box office to collect no less then $76.3 million for the weekend. Un unusual opening at Monday means the total is currently at $117.5 million.
More down to earth was 3rd week’s 50 First Dates at number 2, with $12.6 million. Number 3 was the premiere of the thriller Twisted, with $9.1 million. Second week for Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, it takes in another lousy $6.1 million, good for a number 4 spot. And last, a sorry excuse for a sequel was Dirty Dancing Havana Nights at number 5, with $5.9 million.