Biggest baddest worm …

Well, all the headlines are clear on one thing. The new Sobig.F worm/virus is the biggest baddest fast spreading one up until now.
The conclusion of every article however, is quite wrong. They keep saying how the code has been perfected since the Sobig.E variant. The true reason for the record spreading wave is that, while global warming increases the temperature, somehow the global average IQ is very much going down !
From France to Tokyo, it doesn’t matter what the native language is, the fall for the “re: Application” subject lines, or even the English slanged “Wicked screensaver!” fires a curiosity neuron in the brain. A mindless click on the attachment is inevitable.
My educated guess is that the global average IQ is down 20 points since Sobig.E. How much do you think ?

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  1. Albi Says:

    Don’t be conservative, Kimpie, at least 50! The minus 20 was already reached with the Kournikova virus.

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