It’s that time again. But this time, there’s a Quarter Pounder on the line (only for question 1, there’s a bet involved), so please answer truthfully.

1. Answer what YOU think (usually, K-uestions are about what you think I think)
mac menu
This McMenu (not a fixed menu of course, it’s custom ordered), for one person only, is:
1. much
2. not so much

a. Braeburn
b. Pink Lady

3. This kinda sucKs, but I’m probably (not totally sure yet), allergic to (kicking in a migraine):
a. Water
b. Sesame
c. Peanuts
d. Latex

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5 Responses to “K-uiz”

  1. Bern Says:

    1: too much
    2: the pink lady of course
    3: if it’s latex, I salute you and congratulate you on losing your virginity. Who wuz the victim? Won’t be sesame, since you eat Quarter Pounders all the time and if it’s peanuts then you’re not truly Chinese. So my guess is water, which is also strange since y’r body consists of a large amount of it. Either way, it’s strange. But then again, so are you.

    Totally clueless on this one.

  2. Mr T Says:

    1. not so much
    2. pink lady
    3. latex
    what do I win?…;-)

  3. [Tinus] Says:

    1. Too much. You’ve got three meat, 1 fries and 1 drink. The drink is always too much, but then it’s cheap for them. Bottleneck is the meat. One meat will do fine.
    2. Breaburn. I like those apples!
    3. My guess is nuts. Just like me. It’s an allergen.

  4. Constance Says:

    I completely agree with Tinus on question 1 and 2, but the right answer to number 3 must be latex. 😉

  5. Kimputer Says:

    1. Should be much, too much, of course. I hereby win a QP from Mr. T. who naively thought people could finish such a menu within 10 minutes.

    2. Only the women knew I was talking about apples, naturally. Both have a fresh sweet taste, but (fresh) Braeburns win hands down because of the crisp and juicy texture, as Pink Lady is more dense and not as crunchy.

    3. While Bern was sharp to notice my liking to QP, he still got the answer wrong. It is indeed sesame (seeds on bread, and oil for cooking). Probably a different kind of sesame on the QP (blunt and washed out color, as opposed to those on bread, which are sharp and pointy, and are dark roasted)

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