Lucky Seven

Yupz, that’s the little one’s age right now. It’s not easy to forget, as she was born was on a movie day, a Thursday, on which James Bond’s Tomorrow Never Dies opened here, one day before it did in the States. And as such, I got to see her after the matinee, logically. Easy enough to remember, right ?
But since this is my blog, I’ll continue to focus on just me. And the fact is, that I just received “The best uncle for the past 7 years” award of 2004 ! Howzdat ? Anyways, the (anonymous, but totally impartial) committee has disbanded already (they voted unanimously, by the way), so all you can do is react either at or

Oh, and before you want to send a complaint, read this first.

2 Responses to “Lucky Seven”

  1. chisen Says:

    “Oompie is SUPERMEGACOOL!!!! Ech wel!!!!” (Cheyenne)

  2. [Tinus] Says:

    Tja, wat kan daar nou tegenop. 😀

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