How’d ya like the logo anyways ? It’s in front of every post in the category General. The K is of course, too obvious. The circle is to denote special Kopyright. As in, the (C), but then especially for me, which means, you can’t Kopy anything from this site, without at least paying a considerable amount of cash.
And second, you have these people who always start a sentence with ‘k (as in, short for okay. As in, “”K, it went sumding like this”). I don’t do that, but the appearance that I do, won’t hurt either.

6 Responses to “Logo”

  1. Mr T Says:

    I don’t Kopy anything from your site, you know that….

  2. Mr T Says:

    PS: the logo’s are quite nice.

  3. Qbix Says:

    Nice and green.

  4. Nasty Black Piet cUM oN S1nt's Face movies only a click away Says:


  5. Nasty BUKAKKE sh0tZ only a click away Says:

    I’d make it a Kontest: Design a funky Kimputaah logo and win Kreat prices!

  6. [Tinus] Says:

    Very Hulk-ish. :mrgreen:

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