Review: Der Untergang

As the title suggests, it’s not your average weekend movie, and you’d better not go for enjoyment. It’s something of a documentary with slight dramatisation (an ending like this doesn’t need much anyways) filmed with a mostly impartial lense. The end is of course, well known, but the director is still able to create an anxiety driven atmosphere. As for the feared humanisation of Hitler, don’t. While there might be moments that could validate this, you just can’t feel sorry for someone you don’t understand. The movie doesn’t give insight into the character, no how’s or why’s, you just get to see a few character traits. The big surprise for me was that the acting is pretty well done (as I don’t get to see many German movies), especially Bruno Ganz as Adolf Hitler deserves two thumbs up.
If you go for historic value, you won’t find much, besides the obvious ending. If you go for entertainment, order a few bottles of your favorite liquor and drink away a depressing weekend.7-.

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  1. Mr T Says:

    A 7- for a movie not on Kim’s schedule…two thumbs up for me as well…

  2. arachnofoob Says:

    Aber wenn man ganz die Karakter der Fuhrer blablabla…., just watch Discovery Channel!! Lots of programmes about or referring to the madman.

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