Review: The Incredibles

It’s a quality Disney/Pixar production, as always, but not as incredible as expected. First impression is the old Superman cartoon turned 3D (both in mood, music and visual style). Second impression is a normal Saturday morning Marvel Cartoon (all characters and superpowers can be traced back, with the Fantastic Four being the main template). After the lead in, comes the settling down. Both literally and figuratively. This can be long stretch, but actually creates a bit of depth previous animation didn’t have. And then slowly, it climbs back to the all action finale where everything happens just the way most people like it. The danger in this kind of movie is that you never have the feeling something really bad can happen. The build up drama doesn’t hold and you’re left with nothing too special or daring. Still it’s enjoyable, even though the laugh out loud moments are harder to find than usual.7½.

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