It just makes sense…

… or does it ?
The first half, is of course the new tagline from Philip’s new Sense and Simplicity worldwide ad campaign, dropping the decade old Let’s Make Things Better. Apparently, all is better and can’t be made any better. That’s a good sign.
But the ad campaign itself is somewhat puzzling. We have the TV sets, the DVD recorders, and the tooth brushes. Then you have a 3D Ultrasound (the size of a bulky PC from the eighties), and a CT scanner which would fill a small living room. Who are they trying to impress ? The already tight health care budget ? The consumer sure as hell won’t buy one.
Then there’s one last item I’m wondering about. The Heart Start Home Defribillator. If the price was suitable, would you buy one ? So you can shock the ones in need when a cardiac arrest arrises ? (In my case, I’d have to shock myself when I’m down. If that’s possible, then it must be true, Philips really can’t make it any better).

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