Review: Kimberley Locke – One Love

Of all the American Idols, only one has reached Europe so far. Now it seems another Idols may have caught an Trans-Atlantic breeze this way. And it’s not the number one of the second series (Ruben), it’s not even the more successful runner-up (Clay Aiken), no, it’s the number three of that year. 30 seconds of her single 8th World Wonder was enough to pique my interest, an upbeat pop-rock song showing strong yet delicate vocals.
So on the the album. First thing to notice is the undeniable resemblance with her predecessor’s style, Kelly Clarkson. Luckily, this is only limited to a few songs. With that first bugger gone, the rest is filled with a mix of dreamy pop-ballads and soulful R&B, a perfect combo for a voice like hers. Of course, a duet with a fellow Idol is a prerequisite before you start an album, so Clay Aiken steps in to team up for an ultrasweet Without You. A bit more pop would’ve kept my overall attention higher, but even with the slower songs, it’s able to stay above average. A perfect album for winding down after a busy working day.7-.

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