Photo K-uiz

A photo K-uiz this time, so all open questions again:

1. Most, if not all, of my Levi’s jeans (as I have no other) suffer a certain abberation, a defect over time, on the exact same spot (the edge of the right front pocket). Big K-uestions, how and why ?

2. What in heaven’s name is this ? (Hint: I only used two filters to throw you off, nothing more)

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6 Responses to “Photo K-uiz”

  1. Albi Says:

    1. Probably some electronic gadget, I think your PDA, second would be your telephone as you wear your iRiver on your belt. And its due to the clipping on and off
    2. Pineapple / Mango

  2. [Tinus] Says:

    1. Right front pocket? I would say your cell phone. You always have it with you, so every customer with a good deal can contact you.
    2. I’m guessing this artistic pic is something of a cheese meal. The ones you can pull and becomes stringy? Just guessing, you know… :goog:

  3. Bern Says:

    The awnser to your first question is because of the erectified state of your weenie whenever visiting my website.
    The second thing is probably some strange toy your niece seems to play with.

  4. Mr T Says:

    Answer to first question is indeed some clip of cell phone, pda or mp3 player. Second picture: I don’t think it is cheese, it looks more like fruit: I guess it is passion fruit.

  5. Kimputer Says:

    Well, guess this K-uiz wasn’t that hard after all. The answers are as follows:

    1. It’s indeed from clipping something on and off. But it’s not electronic. It’s my gold-tipped Parker pen. I _ALWAYS_ carry it with me.

    Coz you know how the saying goes, “The ink is more deadly than the poison or the acid.” Here’s the picture

    for the answer.

    2. It’s indeed a mango ! And that means, Mr. T. definitely needs a new pair of eyes, as you can see here. Here’s the picture of the


  6. Mr T Says:

    Again, very interesting K-uiz about mango’s and jeans. But could you make the K-uiz more interesting in the futute? For example, you could make a C-uiz with 5 questions about the new movie Catwoman (Halle Berry in a tight outfit…:crazy: ) with some pictures etc….

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