Hot Chick Alert

Check this picture. Yeah, you probably already recognise her. It’s Zang Ziyi. First she stole my heart with Oscar winning Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon in 2000. She took it overseas a year later with Rush Hour 2. You might think that was all, but Hero (not fully distributed throughout the world yet) was the second Oscar nominated movie of hers.
But as a sign she’s ready to take on the world, she has TWO movies running in Cannes. 2046, a sci-fi/drama and (current title, might be changed) House of Flying Daggers, another love story/martial arts. She definitely knows how to make the right choices.

More pictures over here. Yeah, smitten is an understatement. I should brush up on my Mandarin.

5 Responses to “Hot Chick Alert”

  1. [Tinus] Says:

    Well, I hope she can speak more and better English too. I saw her once at the Oscar’s (?) and it was terrible!

  2. Mr T Says:

    Nice, Kim. Very nice. Tinus: it does
    not matter how well she speaks English.
    It does matter what her character is
    like and you can see rightaway she must
    have a nice character…:goog:

  3. Mr T Says:

    Grade: 10….

  4. Bern Says:

    And yet again I wonder: Why are there so few Chinese chicks with big boobies?

  5. Mr T Says:

    Does it matter?

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