Time for a simple one:

1. Which of the following DVD’s do I own, but haven’t watched it yet (as in unpacked, (or at least, not by me), and still not put in the DVD player):
a. Star Trek TNG series box
b. Training Day
c. Harry Potter 2: The Secret Chamber

2. Which of the following invention has been seriously on my mind:
a. Multi floss device (almost as big as your mouth, has enough extensions to fit all the gaps between your teeth, flosses it at once in less than 30 seconds (electronically, as opposed to the current manual labor that takes at least five minutes)
b. An electronic device that continuously monitors the internet connection (be it through software on the pc, or built-in the device itself), and when it concludes after a range of conclusive test that the internet is dead, it shuts the power down of the ADSL modem, and after 20 seconds, turns it back on. (As you know, it still happens sometimes, and it’s not just ADSL modem, wireless routers/access points also suffer this fate from now and then)
c. A solar outfit. As I carry several electronic devices with me, wouldn’t it be nice to have a continuous source of power (which we get from the sun) to keep all your devices going without carrying all those ac/dc power supplies ?

3. Pringles:
a. is an emotional subsitute
b. makes me aggressive
c. has been officially made into an essential food group.
d. is the only all-in-one food (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

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3 Responses to “K-uiz”

  1. Mr T Says:

    2b (although I like to see c)

  2. [Tinus] Says:

    1. I expect a. Something which is fun to have in your collection, but isn’t necessary to watch.
    2. a is not possible, c is too much in the future, so it must be b. Which is also something I find the most appropriate with your person.
    3. a, c and d. Or your yelling at IRC must be also because of the Pringles… Then it would be all of the above…

  3. Kimputer Says:

    Too simple this one. Y’all get it for free and it won’t happen. ALL ANSWERS WERE CORRECT !!!!

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