I need money. Lots of it. And all that, just to make even more money. Here are a few ideas:
– Find a bunch of free (open source) software, throw them together, make a nice setup tool, use some YA.. abbreviation (Yet Another .. ..), throw in your logo in a few login and window managers, and pray it works. If it does, in just over 10 years, you’ll be rich !! First you distribute it for free, and when it starts to get good, you sell out on your trusty followers. (SUSE Linux (created somewhere in the early nineties) became Novell’s property for just $210 million)
– Developing a mega successful sit-com. In 10 years, it will blow up so big, a 30 sec ad will take in $2 million (currently for a spot during the series finale (after 10 seasons) of Friends).
– Finding an old genius schoolfriend, suck up to him, let him build a fast minimalistic search engine, give it a flashy name, and it less than 10 years, head to Wallstreet to earn a whopping $4 billion. (Google from 1995 on till its IPO announcement last year)


Yupz, some 200,000 noodle (or ramen, as it’s originally called) shops in Japan are currently good for $6.36 billion annually. And it’s rising even higher, as the current trend actually makes it chic to eat noodle (from the plain 3 standard flavored shops for construction workers and broke students, to the special flavored kind made by celebrity cooks in stylishly decorated shops, where prices start from $8 a bowl, targeting the richer audience)
So all I need is enough cash to start some noodle shops here and head for a monopoly, and then some more cash to stay ahead so I can continue the monopoly. Anyone want to invest with me ?

4 Responses to “Investment”

  1. Ezri Says:

    /me poor student, so not able to invest with you, but the concept is great. 😯 😉

  2. Mr T Says:

    Only if you can guarantee we’ll be rich in 2 years!!!

  3. [Tinus] Says:

    I’ll expect to eat there for free whenever I want. If not: no deal. Give me a call in a few years or so! 😀

  4. Don Bernione Says:

    Go ahead and start a business. I’ll be knocking on y’r door for protection money in no time. Capiche?

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