UK researchers have completed another ground breaking research project. This time it’s about the annoyance of mobile phone conversations. Money well spent !
So, to maximise the efficiency of that money, we might as well discuss this matter. The outcome is quite surprising I might add. Is it the volume ? Is it the accent ? Is it the subject ? No, probably it’s because we (human beings) are too damn curious. A variety of discussions performed in front of people (mixing volume, subject, between real people and mobile phones), whom later rated the conversation, revealed the mobile phone conversations were most noticable and annoying. Not the loud ones between two persons.

So the question is, are you annoyed by mobile phone conversation ?

I don’t have to answer that, because with my ear-in headphones plugged into my mp3 player, you’d have to be really YELLING 50+dB BEFORE I COULD BE DISTURBED OR ANNOYED.

Oh, one extra question for the females, honestly, are you the sole half of the human race causing this annoyance ? Honestly ?

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  1. [Tinus] Says:

    I’m afraid so. It’s a genetic thing. We now have the power and the possibility to yap anywhere and anytime we want.
    Except for me of course. I don’t do that. :crazy:

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