My Foetus

Controversy galore. UK’s Channel 4 aired a documentary last night called My Foetus, about a woman having an abortion, including very graphic images and footage of the whole procedure.
The two sides are obvious. The contra side says don’t give people any ideas, leave it be, taboohoo. The pro side says better education to prevent it.
Me, as a (failed) scientist at heart, would lean more towards the latter option. What about you ? Or wouldn’t you have watched it in the first place ?

3 Responses to “My Foetus”

  1. Albi Says:

    Would not have watched, not interested…

  2. Mr T Says:

    I’d rather watch Cash & Carlo….

  3. [Tinus] Says:

    I would have watched. Just to know what it is. There is not much information about what really happens.
    In general: downside of this education viewpoint is that people trivialize it. “Piece of cake.” “No problem.” And you don’t want that either.

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