Lesson to be learned

Watch out, it’s not just the RIAA hunting you down. It’s also the artists themselves. A guy was already selling the yet to be released new album (Wilderness) of Sophie B Hawkins on eBay. Best known for her hit Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover, Sophie sued the man, and won. The judge awarded her with, and hold your pants now … $346.
Lesson to be learned ? Don’t be stupid, don’t sell’m on eBay !

One Response to “Lesson to be learned”

  1. JustMe Says:

    She was gonna let it drop but the guy started burning copies of the promo and selling them.
    Yeah she didn’t ask for alot of money just what people paid this guy. She is going to reurn the money to the buyers.
    So she’s not greedy. People really need to find all the facts before the pass judgement.

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