2 Things are good:
Me as a cook.
And outlets. You know, the big megastores that are open till 18.00.
And how do those two facts combine into a story ? Well, last night my microwave/oven/grill combo died a bit more (it already was showing clear signs of breakdown), all the way to zero usefulness. Ten years ago, you’d have to either take a day off, or wait till the weekend to buy a new one. Nowadays, you have big malls just a few steps away, so after work you pop in, and you pop out. You don’t even have to pay your parking ticket if you keep it under 15 minutes. So, that’s why I didn’t miss a day’s worth of cookin’. While a microwave/oven/grill combo is not a necessity, it certainly is handydandy.
So, for all of you who haven’t been to electronics store lately, guess how much my new LG (MC7683D) was.

13 Responses to “Good”

  1. Mr T Says:

    350 euro

  2. Kimputer Says:

    Too freakin’ high.

  3. Albi Says:


  4. Kimputer Says:

    Too low.

  5. Mr T Says:

    200 euro

  6. [Tinus] Says:

    Ongeveer in deze richting:

    met iets van 5 euro verwijderingsbijdrage denk ik. 😀

  7. Kimputer Says:

    *double hug* for Tienz. 169 + 5 verw = 174 total

  8. Albi Says:

    CHEATER! *hug* 😛

  9. Mr T Says:

    Unfair competition…:crazy:

  10. Bern Says:

    So, let me get this straight. You throw everything you eat into a microwave, and call it cooking?:goog:

  11. Kimputer Says:

    Ow ow Bern, don’t offend me. As I said, not a necessity, but very handydandy. If you use 3 pans, and you can scratch the time AND lessen the dishwork, if you use the microwave for one, I do it. Ow, and then the lazy days. Yeah, then I throw everything in it yeah.

  12. Mr T Says:

    Including the cats…

  13. [Tinus] Says:

    No wonder you wanted a three-in-one combo: for the normal days, for the lazy days and for the cats! :crazy:

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