Review: Gothika

Another one of those so called horror dead people blablablablabla. In short, the movie is so dull, I can’t even write a sensible review for it. The plot is as transparent as a, let’s say, clear glass window. The scare tactics involve shocking images at expected times, combined with high volume sound effects. Still bored. Then you have the screaming Halle Berry character, who doesn’t do much more then, well, just screaming. Still no fun. Everything combined, is a big total boring blob of nothingness.
In essence, another black spot for the once so great Robert Zemeckis (producer), who failed big time with What Lies Beneath, and does it all over again in this What Lies Beneath 2. If you fancied the first one, and don’t mind a repeat show, this is for you. Otherwise, scream as loud as Halle Berry can, and stay clear from this one.3.