Review: Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital 101 – 103

Having Stephen King’s stamp on something must mean something, you might think. For this TV series, where he does a rewrite of Lars von Trier’s original (both doin’ executive producer duties), he does know how to write weird.
As a TV series, I can already say it’s a misser. With nothing episodic to be seen (which doesn’t matter too much, serially written series are mostly the best), it’s also too damn slow. Also, with serialisation comes the opportunity for complicated stories, with enough time and depth for character development. However, here you wait for complicated stories, but you keep waiting and waiting. As for the characters, they’re nothing short of caricatures, probably as a device for comic relief. The problem with that is that after the character has been munched that way, they can’t be used for drama or anything else. Not believable at least. Without that, the scariness is gone too.
The only thing that’s consistent (besides the dropping ratings, week by week), is that’s everything is weird. So what ? All in all, in medical terms: definitely a goner.