Nokia will be releasing software for blogging on their mobile phones somewhere this summer. The first phone to get a cut down version of LifeBlog 1.0 is the 6620. Other series will follow soon. The cut down version will have some limits that can be removed with a 30 bucks upgrade. And of course, even more money has to be spend, as you have to have a phone connected to your computer now.
So, as if I didn’t put enough nonsense here already, let me simulate my new 6620 with LifeBlog 1.0 :

22-06-04 @ 07:40:58 – Testing testing 1 2 3 …

22-06-04 @ 07:41:34 – Testing again. Does this work ?

22-06-04 @ 07:42:13 – Oh my god, I just missed my FR#(%*#)(*% BUS !! I’ll have to wait another 30 minutes now. And I was SO intent on being on time at work today.

22-06-04 @ 08:21:08 – Holy goodness, I was just pushed off the sidewalk a few seconds ago. The rudeness ! (I really should learn how to stand up for myself, that girl was only 1.60m tall)

22-06-04 @ 09:53:39 – My phone at work is crackling a bit. I wonder if it’s the circuitry, or just the cable from the phone to the handset, or the cable from the phone to the outlet, or the cable from the outlet to the main PBX.

22-06-04 @ 13:03:27 – Man, the lunch at the cafeteria was fantastic. For once. In a long time. Though I’m sure they microwaved the chicken sate, which made the peanut sauce somewhat dry.

22-06-04 @ 13:04:58 – Where the HELL is my Snickers (or Twix, for that matter) ? I’m sure I threw one in my backpack this morning, as I’ll die from hunger without an after-lunch snack. I think I’ll steal a chocolate bar from my colleague.

22-06-04 @ 14:50:03 – Dang, I’m tired, I’m gonna take a nap in the back of the warehouse. I hope nobody notices.

22-06-04 @ 16:59:59 – My boss left an hour ago. Give me a good reason why I should stay, when I’ve worked my ass off today already. Besides, he’s never gonna find out anywayz. Laterzall.

No, don’t worry, I’m not planning on buying a new Nokia, nor am I planning on buying expensive software. Relieved ?