Fun with your logs

Another week, another round. Let’s dig into my log files and see what funny things come up:

“Melissa Etheridge”, “Breathe”, “download” on – rank 119, talk about overstating a search phrase. 2 comma’s and 4 quotes too many.
anouk download code lion on – rank 6, hey I didn’t even know they were having this special offer. Probably means I ate those five for nothing !
is the handler tv show cancelled on Yahoo Search – rank 19
Handler tv show ending? on Yahoo Search – rank 12, this hit was from the same IP number as the previous hit. Talk about spoilers !
eighties season cancelled police tv shows on – rank 5 “free antivirus” on MSN Search – rank 8, 9 AND 10 ! Why in heaven’s name would you put a search engine as a keyword in another search engine ?
spiderman 2 subtitle on – rank 57, Poland must be very advanced, as I didn’t know Spiderman 2 was finished already.
haircut paris hilton on – rank 8, did you know of all things, the haircut is the least I’m interested in when the name Paris Hilton comes to mind ? Unless they mean some other kind of haircut…
Download Paris Color Sex Video on – rank 40, probably worried he might waste bandwith on a black and white sex video.

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