Hot Chick Alert

Take a look at these pictures: pic1 | pic2

Well, fooled ya !
But, I kid you not, I’m somewhere on both those pics. Somehow my bro must’ve stumbled upon them (he’s on one pic too). First one to pick me, will get uhmmm, a *hug*.
*hint*find the cutest of’m all !!!*hint*

6 Responses to “Hot Chick Alert”

  1. Albi Says:

    I spotted ya 8)

  2. Kimputer Says:

    Sorry, prize can only be collected with a pixel-based x,y coordinate.

  3. [Tinus] Says:

    Pic 2: 183,168 sais Paint 😀

  4. [Tinus] Says:

    Pic 1: 1207,958 I think 😀

  5. Kimputer Says:

    Whoohoooo, you deserve a *doublehug* !!! Though, it was probably my hint that gave it a away eh ?

  6. Ezri Says:

    I haven’t got a clue how to count pixels. 🙂
    But, I guess I spotted ya! Very cute! (})

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