Review: Unscripted 101 – 105

A product of the George Clooney/Steven Soderbergh partnership, it’s a 10 episode series on HBO. Something of a mix of soft-core The Office and the current batch of reality TV shows, following three actors through their hardships and joys in acting classes and actual jobs. While the title says unscripted, the dialogue may be, but certain storylines are clearly setup and developed. Mostly funny stuff, and here and there they’re trying to blend in some drama.
With the powers behind the show, it’s also fun to see backstage shots for the real and fictitious guest roles the actors landed, opening doors to lots of funny cameos (for instance other actors and directors). While the first four episodes were pretty solid, the fifth was a bit of a letdown. Another half a season to decide if it’s worth a second season.

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