Review: Medium 101 – 103

NBC’s first 2005 entry, is, no pun intended, very medium. Starring Patricia Arquette as a psychic who still doesn’t understand her powers, she helps the D.A.’s office solve crimes. To complement that part, episodes also focus on her family life, supposedly adding depth and realism. How far from the opposite can you get. Dialogue and acting is somehow (still can’t figure out if it’s the writers, producers, actors or director’s fault) flat and has a VERY fake feeling to it. Stories so far are a rehash of believer/non-believer stories, very reminiscent to Fox and Scully. On top of that, the opening theme is a complete rip-off of that same show. C’mon, change a few notes, we’re not deaf, y’know.
Anyway, it’s clear this show can be a small hit if it depends on the usually non-demanding NBC viewers. But it definitely holds nothing special for me to keep on watching.