Review: The Grudge

A typical low-budget scare fest, where everything happens just like you’d expect it to. Or at least, most of it.
And what better way to start a movie with a mysterious death ? And what better way to continue a movie with more and more of those ? Being a copy of a 2000 Japanese video release, Sam Raimi must’ve thought it was extremely good, or just extremely well-suited for the Americans, with a few minor changes (bringing in youngsters like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Jason Behr for teen appeal). Keeping the director in place gives the movie a nice signature, though in this genre, it’s not that unique. Just quickly flash a shadow in the background, a few fades in the window or mirror, mix in a few screechy screams, and you’re pretty much there. The story has a backstory to tell, but that’s more or less for the usual half explanatory reasons than real depth.
If you’re into this genre, it’s definitely a go. If not, you might wanna hold on till its rental run.6.