Review: Alexander

You have those “BIG” movies once in awhile, and after watching it, you wonder what the fuss was all about. This is one of those again. Some two big battlescenes can be seen, but filling the rest of the 3 hours are some less memorable moments. Narrative looks strong in the beginning, as an old Anthony Hopkins fires off short history lesson. We then dive into the youth of young Alexander. The relationships between him and his parents are shallow, but well worded in semi-cliche babbling. Development from boy to Great Alexander is evenly lacking in depth, and friends and followers are explored along the same line. The conquest of many countries covers the rest, with unrest with the army leaders ending this so called myth. Reliving too many of the same dialogues, combined with the non-excitement waiting around the corner (unlike Troy’s lingering threat) makes this myth most people will not find interesting. Maybe recutting it to fit it in 90 minutes (that’s 50% of the movie) isn’t a bad idea. It’s actually a very good idea. Trust me.6-.

2 Responses to “Review: Alexander”

  1. Tienz Says:

    Doesn’t Colin Farrell make the grade a little bit higher? Or Angelina Jolie?

  2. Mr T Says:

    No…but the nude scene with Rosario Dawson does with her big, brown, beautiful….eyes…

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