Review: Huff 101 – 106

Showtime’s only new entrance this year was renewed for a second season even before the first episode ever aired. Headlined by Hank Azaria as a psychiatrist, it’s one of the few dramatic roles he’s had. Including producer credits, you could say this is THE true vehicle for him to show his talents (besides voicing for the Simpsons and walking the dog in Mad About You, he did have a nice dramatic role in Shattered Glass). The pilot had promise, a dark mix between humor and drama. The second episode was almost mediocre, churning out a few cliches, but the episodes afterwards showed strength. Building on characters, story archs, fleshing out the relationships, and a few dark themes along makes the way this series a drama series that has more potential than meets the eye (as the current dourly ratings will attest). Touching different aspects continuously (family, patients, friends etc.) combined with strong writing has kept me watching, and probably will for a long time to come.

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