Review: Open Water

A truly scary movie, say reviewers like Rogert Ebert and Owen Gleiberman. Maybe cocaine was distributed through the airco during the screening at Sundance, because the only scary thing I noticed was in my imagination. The imagination of ticket-paying movie-goers sitting through this movie without a fast forward button at their disposal. I luckily did, but for reviewing’s sake, I only skipped the non-verbal scenes. Which, actually, is still quite a lot.
To describe this movie in one word, amateurish would do just fine. Filming with a cheap digital camera may save money, but if you think back to the Blair Witch Project, it doesn’t really assure quality on the silver screen. Then throw in two C-actors, a few cute little sharks and nothing can really scare you anymore. The dialogues that follow are childish and yawn-inducing.
Another case of “don’t believe the hype”, your money is better spend on a day in Seaworld.3.

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