Review: Collateral

Another intense suspense thriller worth watching. When Michael Mann is behind the camera, you usually get above average insight in the characters. Exactly so with Tom Cruise’s first bad guy role, a vicious ruthless killer. Like all his previous roles, he plays it with utter conviction, leaving no room for doubting his acting abilities. Same goes for Jamie Foxx, playing the sharp yet uncertain cab driver at the wrong place at the wrong time. This strict storyline with minimal branching always has a sense of suspense going on, and the dialogue in the cab adds depth. And while it may feel slow here and there, overall it’s intense enough to recommend this to the general public.8-.

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  1. Bern Says:

    I’m General Public. Tèèèn HUT! of-weet-ik-het wat die gasten altijd roepen in de fillms. Dienstplicht afgeschaft he, eeuwig zonde.

    Maareh. Stond reeds op mijn 2C lijst. Gracias voor de review.

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