Review: The Alamo

Well deservedly titled THE Disney bomb of the year. A very talkative, yet empty movie about some place called the Alamo, which marked an important point of time in the US history. That last sentence sounded more exciting than the movie though. On one side, you have a few “important” guys, bickering amongst each other. On the other side you have a Mexican general. Fighting for a lil’ piece of land called Texas. The viewer though, has a fight of his own. Against extreme boredom that is.
The characters are half dimensional at best. In the end, the only thing you have figured out would be “He seems nice, he seems less nice”. The dialogue has no message nor any emotional bearing. The strategy doesn’t go beyond, “You take south, you take south-east”. And on screen, there’s no eye candy to be seen. Clothing, weapons, buildings, scenery, the few battles, it’s all yawn-inspiring.
One tip if you ever get tied down with someone keeping your eyes open with no escape possible, try to figure out where the $100 million went to (I have a feeling a large part is in someone’s pocket, instead of paying writers and producers to make the best of a lousy skirmish in the 19th century).2.

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  1. Mr T Says:

    I like to know O’Brien’s and Bashir’s opinion about the movie…

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