US Box Office

M. Night Shyamalan does it again, though this time without the help of most of the renowned reviewers. With $50.8 million, it means Disney can let out a sigh of relief, though the bombs of lately are still marginally higher then their successes this year.
Still spying hard is mister Jason Bourne himself, his Supremacy chapter earns $23.4 million in its second week.
Within Denzel’s 20-something range track record, The Manchurian Candidate opens with $20.2 million, good enough for number 3.
Not so futuristic anymore is I, Robot at number 4, with $10.1 million.
Biggest disappointment this week, not even in the top 10, a black spot on Jonathan Frakes’ record, is Thunderbirds, with $2.7 million. Guess he shouldn’t have taken a stiff upperlips’ toy series to show the world.

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  1. [Tinus] Says:

    Guess the Thunderbirds aren’t on your list to see either. No sentimental feelings for the good old days? 😉

  2. Mr T Says:

    Actually, Kim did propose to go to the thunderbirds, however, I was the wisest of the two of us so “we” decided not to go…

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