Review: Fahrenheit 9/11

So, is it plain and simple propaganda or is it top journalism ? It’s probably both. Michael Moore’s earned respect years ago, making sharp and interesting documentaries, yet injecting his personal sense of humor in it that it he keeps it lighthearted and pushing his genre more towards the entertainment stream. Like Bowling for Columbine, this movie is not so very different. Spearheaded by obscure facts, underlined with his comments, he covers multiple angles. Images range from funny (behind camera footage) to the gritty ones (usually covered by news programs) pulling you right back to this hars reality.
While drenched with Moore’s comments, it’s not all that new (come on, honest, have you ever seen Bush say something _really_ intelligent on-screen ?). In the end, even if you don’t like the biased comments, you still have to face the facts.7½.

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