Review: Brandy – Afrodisiac

So Brandy’s back. This time with Kanye West at her side, the golden producer of this year (a title previously held by the likes of Keith Sweat, Babyface, Jay-Z and R. Kelly). Frankly, I can’t hear a musical genius at work, as this album is filled with songs having the same template, all with slightly different beats and samples. Sure, Brandy’s all grown up now, and her voice is still like velvet with a slight touch of sandpaper for rich texture, but music wise, this album is not impressive at all. It certainly can set a mood, but it will be a boring one. Even where Kanye West swoops in for his obligatory rap, it’s like he’s reading the numbers from his monthly paycheck (which is HUGE by the way). I wonder why he’s getting paid so well for re-inventing the use of voice sample distortion tricks that Sisqo and Aaliya already mastered a few years ago. 5+.

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