Review: The Calling – Two

Back in early 2001, when they were still unknown, all it took was a few seconds to get my attention (Wherever Will You Go was attached to the Enterprise series announcement trailers, a publicity stunt that worked out for both parties). Catchy as that was, it was never recaptured with their mildly entertaining following singles. The album was just about the same.
After 3 years, their sophomore album is out, and called Two. Not only signifying it’s the second album, but also to make clear they were a duo to start with (a pushing record company and some clever PR management will definitely make you believe otherwise).
With 11 songs, again, their first single Our Lives, seems the most catchy. The rest seems to build on the same template as their previous songs. Luckily, they’re upbeat enough to leave a twitching finger off the “next” button. Lyric wise, it’s still the same heartbreaking love songs that always go well with me. Singer Alex Band isn’t a vocal wonder, but he is making progress, and it’s mixed well together with the guitars, which consists of mostly mellow riffs. Not too special, but not too bad either.6½.

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