Review: Troy

A tragedy of epic proportion, literally and illiterally. No doubt the $180 million was well spent, and luckily, they didn’t forget to pay the screenwriters as well. Wolfgang Petersen manages to show us the things that matter. The taglines (For honor – For victory – For love – For destiny – For passion – For Troy) were not made up (unlike most movies). It’s all there, blending together into a massive movie. The first strike very early in the movie will drop your jaw, and it grips you all the way to the end. The bloodiness is definitely there, but so are the subtleties, the dialogue that gives insight to the two hero characters. Bar the slight obviousness of typecasting, the acting is intense, helping you immerse into the story much quicker.
However entertaining, in the end, be it Homer’s insight so long ago (The Iliad was written somewhere 8 or 9 hundred years B.C.), or Wolfgang’s effort to show it to the world again, the message is clear: in war there are only losers.8.

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