Review: Anastacia – Anastacia

I never quite liked her style. From the first hits on till the last few. There seemed to be some degree of improvement in the last two songs though, so I thought it might be time to try a whole album of her. A powerful voice notwithstanding, I still can’t bear to listen to a whole album of her songs, so it seems. Even the most catchy one, Left Outside Alone, has a chorus that sounds like an unfinished bridge. There are a few more up-tempo songs to be found, but it’s all too damn generic and simplistic. The slow ones don’t even register with me, sounding like a 72 rpm vinyl LP on a 33 rpm turntable. But that’s what you get with a powerful contrived voice, you’d better not go ballad. I can predict fans will like this album. But for me, I’ll let this cup of tea be, and take a coffee instead.5.

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