US Box Office

It seems the kids decided the box office this weekend, with the 3rd installment of Spy Kids (subtitle 3-D: Game Over) opens at 32.5 million. The best opening yet for this series.
Pirates are also still in the business, another limited drop makes this third week run end on the second place at 22.4 million. Close behind is last weeks number one opener Bad Boys II. A foul mouth won’t get you anywhere, I guess.
A disappointing opener for Lara Croft’s search for the Cradle of Life finishes fourth with 21.8 million (opens here 7th Aug). If Jan de Bont really found the Cradle by now, he also must have found there wasn’t much money left in it. An more impressive opener is Seabiscuit (racehorse drama featuring Spidey star Tobey Maguire. Opens here 30th Oct), finishes fifth, with 21.4 million, as it opened in almost half as much cinemas as Lara did.

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