Review: Honey

A typical feel-good movie with a lot of cliches on the side. The setting this time is da hood (New York), and the theme is dancing. Headlining the moves is former Dark Angel Jessica Alba, leaving all the acting and ass-kicking behind. As a dancer, she’s very convincing. As an upcoming movie star, that’s a whole other story. Of course, the script doesn’t lend itself to that, so, all you have left is a long MTV music video interspersed with mostly Rodney Jerkins penned hip-hop beats. With a background in pop/R&B/hip-hop and more, and having a track record of at least a couple of dozens of hit songs under his belt, there’s always a few tunes hitting the correct note. Come for the music and Jessica’s moves, and you’re okay. Come for a full-fledged movie, and you’re in danger. Anyway you wanna see it, at least Missy Elliott’s cameo is a blast.6.