Movie Review: Terminator 3

Like many, even James Cameron started out of the shadows of Ridley Scott’s sequels. He got to be not just pretty big, he got to be the biggest. Jonathan Mostow on the other hand, still has a lot to learn. After a few mediocre movies, he got to be the big guy, or so we thought. While managing to bring a decent movie, he steals a lot of shots that are trademarked James Cameron (including the foot scenes, cracking up a pair of sunglasses). The action special effects heavy scenes, is where he fails. Unable to create widescreen chase scenes, he falls back to the easier close up and cut fast method, heavily limiting the viewer’s experience. The legacy created by James Cameron certainly had a lot of depth going on, but again, this sequel lacks all that. No good backstory to fall back to, no character to focus on. It drifts inevitably to the end, with only a gut feeling of wanting to see the next Cameron actioner. Arnold manages to utter a few punchlines, and the paradox in time travel itself will linger on a bit. But not for too long.7-.

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