Review: The Rundown (non-US title: Welcome to the Jungle)

Everybody knows The Rock isn’t a genius actor, and everyone can respect that (as they respect him more so in the wrestling ring). His offerings so far have been the non-liner The Mummy Returns, quickly followed by evenly nonsensical The Scorpion King (as I remember absolutely _NOTHING_ about this movie, you can imagine the impact it made). Basically this makes it his second big role, and quite frankly, it’s very acceptable. The story itself is simple, but the action kicks in high gear from the word go. Simple one liners get thrown here and there, and keeps a smile on your face. Enter Seann William Scott, and the party is on. His natural comedic charm works well, as usual. A female, and a bad guy, and the formula is complete. Director Peter Berg uses his fast cut skills and throws in a few nice slowmo’, while The Rock takes care of the acrobatics and his trademark wrestling moves. For 90 minutes of brainless fun, it’s perfect.7½.