Review: Pink – Try This

People who like her previous materials should watch out with this one. While Missundaztood was a mixed bag, this one is a bag better left alone. The few gems on the previous album were easily picked, but on this one, you won’t find any at all. Going the directions she’s taken already with the Charlie’s Angels 2 soundtrack, and like the first single from this album, the album is filled with even harder kinda rock. No subtlety is to be found, and even if the lyrics might be good, you’d be put off before you ever get to really hear it. It’s like those new dull “dance” songs from Madonna and Kylie Minogue, but then in the rock area. A twitch on the forward button…

2 Responses to “Review: Pink – Try This”

  1. Mr T Says:

    You dare to compare Pink with Kylie???
    While Pink is just an arrogant bitch,
    Kylie is a sensual and gorgeous woman…

  2. [Tinus] Says:

    I must say that I liked her appearance in and song for CA2, but her latest single is not my cup of tea. Therefor I will have to believe you about her new album. :S

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