Review: Amy Studt – False Smiles

I’m sure Amy wouldn’t like it, but the comparison had to be made – using Misfit as her debut single, someone had to say it. Avril Lavigne. But listening the whole album, you’ll have to adjust the comparison. It’s more like a church-going Avril, both content and style. A bit more poppy, a bit less rocky. A few ballad like songs mixed inbetween, and you have yourself an album that’s not too catchy, but it’s not too boring either. A good build-up with nice vocals is to be heard in Going out of my Mind, and it would be nice if the whole album had this quality. Instead you get a whiny depressing Happy Now and a few more choir background styled songs. Vocally, this album isn’t that challening either, keeping all the tones somewhere in the middle. As a whole album, this reflects, it’s mediocre.

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